Permitted Texts


Candidates are permitted to take into the assessment hall one edition of Butterworths Insolvency Law Handbook (“The Permitted Text”). It is for candidates to provide their own copy of The Permitted Text and to choose which edition of The Permitted Text to take into the hall with them.

Candidates should bear in mind that the date to which, in any year, an edition of The Permitted Text is updated may not coincide with the cut-off date for legislation to be examinable, which is 30 April in the year of assessment.

Candidates are reminded that only bound copies of The Permitted Text will be allowed into the assessment hall – photocopies are not permitted. Candidates may not share a copy of The Permitted Text. The Permitted Text may only be annotated with underlining, side-lining and highlighting. Page tabs may be used but must not be written on. Invigilators are instructed to check to ensure these regulations are adhered to.

Candidates must not take any other books or paper into the assessment hall.

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