2020 Exams


As set out earlier in the year, we have kept the position concerning the ongoing pandemic under review in terms of  our ability to deliver a safe and secure examination environment for those proposing to  sit the examinations in 2020.

As many will know, our examination arrangements are contractually administered by ICAEW on our behalf. We have received a report this month from them concerning their own accountancy examinations that have been run this year in August and September 2020. In the light of that report, and their recommendation, we believe that we can provide the requisite safe and secure environment for all our candidates in the Examination Centres which we have selected and vetted.

Accordingly, we are pleased to confirm that, as things currently stand, the 2020 Joint Insolvency Examinations will proceed in November. We must caveat that recommendation by stating that if the Government changes its current guidelines on lockdowns and social distancing, we must revisit that decision.

Further, as stated earlier in the year, the period to register for the 2020 examinations is extended until September 30th.

Again, if circumstances do change and we are not able to proceed because of Government rules, we confirm that all examination fees will be refunded or transferred without extra charge to the 2021 examination.

We wish all candidates in 2020 every success in their examinations and would reiterate that the safety of all in this process is our paramount concern.


Stephen Allinson

Chairman of the Joint Insolvency Examination Board


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