Computer Based Exams (CBE)

Computer Based Exams (CBE)

From November 2018, all JIEB candidates will sit their exams on a computer.

The Exams are sat in dedicated exam centres which follow strict security and invigilator protocols.

The software backs up locally and to the cloud more than once a minute.

The exams are downloaded securely up to 3 days before the exam date so there are no issues with internet connectivity on exam day.

The candidate responses are uploaded to the secure servers for marking within an hour of completion.

The software is a bespoke spreadsheet and word processor allowing the candidate flexibility in how they answer the question.

Candidates will be given paper to write any notes on.

The onscreen exam allows for highlighting, searching and writing notes.

In the following weeks we will be posting updates as to how students will be able to practise writing on the new CBE software.

Click on the link below to see how the software will look like on your screen.

CBE software