Exam guidance

All JIEB exams are computer-based therefore getting to know the software before your exam is essential. Here you will find guidance and support to help you prepare for your exams.

Your five steps to computer-based exam success

To help you feel best prepared for your computer-based exams complete the checklist below, and you will have everything you need to walk into your exam centre fully prepared and ready to tackle your JIEB exams.

1) Read the exam guide

This exam guide will help you to understand what to expect on the day, how to navigate within the software, key functionality and exam provide exam top tips.

2) Watch the exam webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the software, top tips and more.

3) Use the practice exam software

Getting to know the software in advance of your exams is crucial for success, so practise using the functionality and formatting answers by using the practice software.

Practice exam-standard questions within the exam software before you take your exam. You can also save your answers by exporting them in the exam software.

JIEB Corporate Insolvency 

JIEB Personal Insolvency

4) Review the sample exams

Use the sample exams we provide to practise answering questions as you would in the actual exam.

5) Read the Instructions to Candidates

The Instructions to Candidates contain important information regarding the administration of your exams. Read them carefully and familiarise yourself with all the processes and procedures before you attempt an exam.